Preactor Production Scheduling System

Preactor International is the world leader in scheduling software used by a wide range of manufacturing, services and logistics businesses. Frequently integrated with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, Preactor’s break-through technology is used by more than 4000 small, medium and large multi-national companies in 75 countries.

The Preactor FCS/APS system is used by companies in discrete, process and mixed mode type manufacturing. It is used to model plants that involve machines, packing lines, tanks, assembly lines etc in make-to-order, make-to-stock, engineer-to-order, repetitive and continuous process environments.


The Preactor scheduling system allows drag and drop of orders on the planning board; as well as automatic forward, backward and bi-directional finite scheduling. It is particularly strong in schedule optimisation using “dispatching” rules. One of these dispatch rules, for example, allows the schedule to be optimised by automatically placing like jobs back-to-back to minimise setup time and costs.

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The FCS (Finite Capacity Scheduling) version provides order-by-order scheduling on primary resources and comes in two options. The P200 option provides loading on secondary resources and the P300 option actually constrains secondary resources.

The APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) version provides operation-by-operation scheduling on both primary and secondary resources using 12 different “dispatching” rules for schedule optimisation. The user may also define new scheduling rules.

For a "taste" of FCS resource loading, download a FREE copy of Preactor Express by clicking on the image below.


Both the FCS and APS versions include schedule performance statistics (or metrics) showing resource utilisation and make-span time for schedule performance analysis; order trace charts for due date compliance analysis; resource usage plots and queued workload plots for bottleneck analysis. Other analysis tools are also provided.


The Preactor system uses the Microsoft SQL database and Reporting Services to provide business intelligence reports and charts.

The Preactor system was developed by Preactor International in Chippenham, UK and is supported by a global network of experienced FCS/APS specialists who provide on-site training, implementation assistance and customisation services.

Various video training aids are available.

There are numerous case studies, over 100 from a wide range of industries, describing the implementation and the benefits provided..


An FCS/APS implementation will allow your organisation to achieve :-

  • Faster schedule generation
  • Faster re-action time
  • Better visibility
  • Better throughput
  • Better resource utilisation

The likely benefits of FCS/APS have been well publicised and are :-

  • 15-20% improvement in productivity
  • 40-50% reduction in work-in-progress inventory
  • 40-50% reduction in make-span time
  • 50-90% improvement in customer service

For more information please visit www.preactor.com